All the pieces fall together from KoL, Hood, Pact, and many other games.
Can you escape the city without being eaten by zombies in this choose your own adventure comic book? (Based on The Sagittarian)
Find the man that murdered your brother, and bring him to justice.
Track down this new demon that is making new deals, and end his plans in this rogue-like.
A new adventure begins south of the Kamalan lands.
Can you climb the tower and have all of life's questions answered for you?
A newly discovered artifact is being shipped into town, and all the pieces start to fall into place.
Track down and stop an assassin in the city of rats! Ashbane.
You have a new job in a new city and things are about to get very serious, very fast. Use your investigative skills to solve the mystery!
See if you can help a group of youths escape being eaten alive in this text adventure!
Rule a kingdom, treat your thralls like dirt.
How long can you survive when the undead have taken over the world?
Help a party of adventures save a town from hardships.
Just made for fun and to learn Stencyl some. A robot awakens in a junkyard.
Cinnacat and friends help a northern woman get back a stolen relic from her people.
The final episode of the Hood series. Find out who Grandmother is, find out who the ancients were, and find out the cost of being the hero.
The wolf has discovered the witch and plans to end her. But what will he decide afterwards?
You've tracked the girl and found her path, but what is she after?
A girl has gone missing in a small village, track her down and find out what happened.
Build a city, train your men, and then send them away to die horribly while you relax in your throne room.
You know who had her killed, now track them down and get revenge.
Having discovered who killed Alice, set out to to find who ordered her death.
Alice has died, can you discover who killed her?
An oldschool text adventure with fancy hand-painted art and over 20 zones to explore. And like, 50 monster types too.
This story picks up from the Bayou storyline only, I will pickup from the others later!
This story picks up from the Berger storyline only, I will pickup from the others later!
What the crap!? Screw the undead...
The undead are STILL attacking! D: We're out of beer!
Undead are attacking! Time to kick ass and drink beer.
Scour the lands to appease the wild spirits the have become unsettled.
Search out the countryside for hidden magical runes.
Your steam ship has crashed in the dark woods! Can you get it repaired in time?
Badass guns and badass ships. Oldschool style bullet hell.

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