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The Alice is Dead series has had roughly 5 million unique plays spanning all three titles. I did 99% of the art and interface planning. I co-wrote the games as well. They have been featured on hundreds of sites such as Jay is Games.
Alice is Dead 1
Alice is Dead 2
Alice is Dead 3

Guild Dungeons is incomplete and is currently still being worked on. Solo project.
Steelcurse is an oldschool text adventure game with pen and paper styled artwork added to freshen it up. I did all art, story, code, everything. Solo project.
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SHMUP is a fast paced space shooter with customizable features for the player's ship such as weapon types, armor and engines, even the angle of the ship's guns. I did all of the art and gui for this game in two weeks and completed the project 6 months ahead of schedule. The game has been purchased by Newgrounds, but they are delaying release until their site's redesign.
Gearlock is a story-driven puzzle game. It is slow paced and aimed at very casual players. Solo project.
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Wayfinder is a story-driven puzzle game and is fully voiced by a cast of actors. It is also aimed at very casual players. Solo Project.
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Other Games

Runeseekers II
The Sagittarian
The Sagittarian II


Concept art for the 'Deep' project. It was a game-world designed in roughly four days, all work shown here was done solely by me.

The Cinnacat project never reached completion. This is some of the concept work for it. It was a story game designed to appeal to a younger audience while still maintaining plenty of action, comedy, and adventure.
Character and environment art for flash games.
Imvu textures. The clothing only.
3d work, I primarily do concepts and functions, characters sheets, and textures. Modeling is not my field of expertise, although I can do it.

Miscellaneous art.


Miscellaneous sprites from various projects.